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Josh Harris deals with that question in a very engaging, visual way in this short little clip.


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The Biblical Fatherhood group will be going trap (skeet) shooting at Delaware State Park on Saturday, June 20, at 9 AM.  You need to get a day range pass (available where you get hunting & fishing licenses, such as Walmart) ahead of time for $5.  Don’t forget to bring your guns!  Ben Rogers is bringing a couple of 12 gauge shotguns and a target thrower.  Bring some money for ammo and targets.  Also, bring some paper targets and holders (must be approved) for target practice.  (They have a regular target shooting range as well.)  Hope you can make it.  See you then.  Or you can e-mail me.

The Shooting Range is in Area G, just south of Rt. 229

The Shooting Range is in Area G, just south of Rt. 229

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A friend of ours emailed us information that there will be a mini-conference held by the Botkin family next month in the Easton area. Geoffrey Botkin is a fascinating speaker who has a lot to say on the topic of Biblical Fatherhood. He is influential in the movie industry and is one of the primary speakers at the Family 200 Year Plan conference. He is very skilled at taking Biblical principles and applying them in very practical ways in his family, and has results to show for it that are worth emulating.

Here is the link to the Christian Families at the Crossroads site.

And you are welcome to bring the whole family.

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Actually, I’m not really writing about “Dancing with the Stars”, but that’s what Christy is watching right now.  I’m trying to think of what to write this month.  I’ve been pretty distracted lately.  That’s pretty common for fathers, isn’t it?  We get caught up in our jobs, projects around the house, paying the bills, our cars, our sports teams, the news of the world, you name it!  But what is really important?  Oh, did I forget to mention our relationship with God?  It’s easy to get distracted. 

Why is it so easy to get distracted?  We live in a world at war, but this war is not like any other war.  It’s a war where the enemy only needs to distract us and keep us from what is really important.  In a “normal” war the goal is to kill the enemy and break his things in order to break his will to fight and force him to surrender.  The war we’ve been dropped in is a spiritual war where all Satan needs to do is keep us from what’s really important.  He can, and does, assault us directly, but he often just diverts our attention from our Warrior God and our families to make us ineffective.  We’ve got to fight through the distractions and keep pursuing what is really important. 

Now an event announcement

At our meeting this month (on Saturday, May 30) I want to talk about the group doing some Guy stuff, like an outing.  How about trap shooting?  I was thinking it would be a good thing for us (and our older sons) to get out of the ordinary.  Plus, it will be a good time to invite other fathers.  We’ll talk more at the meeting.

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Bible Bee

Myself and several fathers in our group are looking for a way to deepen our children’s understanding of the Bible. I shared information on the National Bible Bee that is starting up this year. It’s kind of like God throwing us fathers a soft pitch to get us going.

You’ll have to act fast, though, since the registration period closes at the end of the month.

I talked to the local coordinator earlier, and he said that he is planning to have a few events during the summer so the kids can get to know each other and feel more comfortable with the format before the actual Bee starts.

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I just got back from a home schooling conference in Cincinnati.  It was great!  If you (or your wife) home school and you haven’t been to one, you’re really missing out.  It’s amazing to see what all of the options are for homeschooling:  curriculum, books, science projects, toys and gadgets, camps, and you name it!  Plus, there are a ton of great speakers on all different topics.  There’s everything from the basic how to use this particular curriculum to what’s a father’s role to worldview topics to how to play championship chess.  (We went to that one.  He had so many great tips and ideas I’d never heard of!)  You should really go.  Even if you don’t home school the topics are good, and you can go buy Real “toy” guns!  (We talked to one vendor a couple of years ago that couldn’t sell them in his store in New York but could at home school conventions.  You know, boys love guns!)  Anyway, I’m done talking about home schooling for now.  (If you’re interested, I could keep talking about it.  E-mail if you want to hear more.) 

Now about our fathers…

I want to talk about our own fathers at the next meeting.  You know he greatly affected who are today.  Good, bad, or absent.  He greatly affected who you are, how you see the world, and for our purposes, how you father your own children.  So before our next meeting on Saturday, April 25, take some time to think about your father.  Was he present in your life growning up?  Was he the tough disciplinarian or did he leave that to mom?  How about the too busy workaholic who was never home?  Or were you like me that had a pretty good dad who was involved in my life?  Whatever the case, he affected who you are today. 

I’ve been reading “Way of the Wild Heart” by John Eldredge.  It’s kind of a continuation of “Wild at Heart”, but it’s more about how God fathers us.  (In fact, it is being re-released in an edited form as “Fathered by God”.)  He talks about the stages of masculine development that God intended for boys and men to go through.  It not only spoke to me about how to raise my own sons but how I was raised.  We’ll talk more about that at the next meeting, but to get you started let me ask a couple of questions. 

  • Growing up, did you feel like the beloved son of your father?  How did he show or not show that to you? 
  • Were you allowed to take risks and go on adventures?  I’m thinking of when you were a teenager primarily but any time will do.  Were you allowed to be a little wild? 

Try to think about that this week.  We want to hear your stories.  We need to know each others’ stories so we can better encourage each other.  We will discuss this, and anything else that you want to discuss this week.  I don’t want to be “teaching” all the time; I want to fight for each other.  We’re in this together, remember.  Cooperate to graduate!

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A visual reminder

As Scott mentioned, love is spelled t-i-m-e. We can increase the blue somehow or better manage the blue to ‘squeeze in’ time for God and family.
A father's time management perspective

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