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Actually, I’m not really writing about “Dancing with the Stars”, but that’s what Christy is watching right now.  I’m trying to think of what to write this month.  I’ve been pretty distracted lately.  That’s pretty common for fathers, isn’t it?  We get caught up in our jobs, projects around the house, paying the bills, our cars, our sports teams, the news of the world, you name it!  But what is really important?  Oh, did I forget to mention our relationship with God?  It’s easy to get distracted. 

Why is it so easy to get distracted?  We live in a world at war, but this war is not like any other war.  It’s a war where the enemy only needs to distract us and keep us from what is really important.  In a “normal” war the goal is to kill the enemy and break his things in order to break his will to fight and force him to surrender.  The war we’ve been dropped in is a spiritual war where all Satan needs to do is keep us from what’s really important.  He can, and does, assault us directly, but he often just diverts our attention from our Warrior God and our families to make us ineffective.  We’ve got to fight through the distractions and keep pursuing what is really important. 

Now an event announcement

At our meeting this month (on Saturday, May 30) I want to talk about the group doing some Guy stuff, like an outing.  How about trap shooting?  I was thinking it would be a good thing for us (and our older sons) to get out of the ordinary.  Plus, it will be a good time to invite other fathers.  We’ll talk more at the meeting.


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Bible Bee

Myself and several fathers in our group are looking for a way to deepen our children’s understanding of the Bible. I shared information on the National Bible Bee that is starting up this year. It’s kind of like God throwing us fathers a soft pitch to get us going.

You’ll have to act fast, though, since the registration period closes at the end of the month.

I talked to the local coordinator earlier, and he said that he is planning to have a few events during the summer so the kids can get to know each other and feel more comfortable with the format before the actual Bee starts.

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