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A visual reminder

As Scott mentioned, love is spelled t-i-m-e. We can increase the blue somehow or better manage the blue to ‘squeeze in’ time for God and family.
A father's time management perspective


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Here is a link to the video I mentioned today. Wearing camo and blending in can make us liked and not thought of as weird, and give the gift of spending eternity in Hell to our friends. Ouch, that hurt as I typed that, thinking of the example I have not set.

Following the example of Deborah Drapper: A True Servant of God, we will look very different, and help to populate Heaven.

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I ran across a free book download from Behemoth.com. If you have an mp3 player, this book has great relevance to Biblical fatherhood.  It is the story of the Pent family and tells of how they travelled a million miles across the country, back when it was not as easy as now, in order to perform and witness wherever the Lord directed them.  They went through some amazing challenges but always came out ahead by following scripture rather than common sense.

The father sets a great example for use to emulate in how to really live out our Christian walk and lead our families.

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Since our group meets only once a month, I want to post some articles on this blog to keep everyone thinking about Biblical fatherhood.  I thought about using e-mail, but I want to allow everyone to make comments and post articles on the blog.  Let me know how you think this is working, but keep in mind that this will only work if we ALL contribute!  Please comment or post to the blog.

Before our next meeting on March 28, let’s start thinking about Biblical fatherhood.  What do you think it means?  Have you thought about it?  How does God father us?  He is the ultimate Father, after all.  What does God have to say about fatherhood?  How does He want us to structure our families?  How does Biblical fatherhood affect our relationships in our families?  Does it affect discipline?  Training and education?  Providing for our families?  What about spiritual discipleship?  Leadership in the home? 

I want to open the discussion by talking about what it means, and then we’ll break it down in future weeks and apply the different aspects to our lives.

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March 2009

Our meeting on Saturday, February 28 was great!  I heard a lot of good comments on Sunday.  I will add a longer post later, but in the meantime, think about what fatherhood means.  What was your father like?  One of the ways we can help and encourage each other is to know each other’s stories so think about your father and, if you’re comfortable sharing, come prepared to share a little about your experience growing up with your father. 

Also, think about what Biblical Fatherhood means.  This is the whole point of the group, after all.  We’ll start exploring this at our next meeting.

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